How To Unlock Top-Tier Camos in Black Ops Cold War

In this article I’m going to tell a strategy which will allow you to unlock camos very fast legitimately. I will start off the article by telling you a trick that you can use when unlocking camos for the knife. For this trick you will need three things you will need to have:

  1. The Aether shroud field upgrade
  2. A decoy device
  3. And a weapon with the kairo freeze ammo mod on it

You will want to throw your decoy device on something that is not accessible to zombies. Activate your aether shroud and then fire a weapon with your ammo mod on it. Then start knifing the zombies and this will help with the decadence challenge. This challenge requires you to kill zombies that are affected by frost blast or ring of fire while you have the aether shroud active.

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This will also unlock the wasteland challenges at the same time as they require you to kill zombies that are distracted by a decoy device for any weapon besides the knife you will be unlocking challenges all at the same time. Once you spawn into a new game with the weapon of your choosing you want to begin the round by just getting critical kills. This is going to give you the maximum amount of points you can get for killing a zombie and you’re also going to be unlocking both the challenges one that requires you to get kills and the other one that requires you to get critical kills.

Make sure you let the zombies come into the map before you kill them they will be dropping salvage highlighted in green and in blue you will need to pick it up once you collect at least 1500 salvage. I would highly recommend going into the armor stand in the particle accelerator and upgrading your weapon to the third tier. This will give your weapon a good enough damage output to kill zombies in one shot and also defend yourself from the mini bosses.

Once you’ve got your upgraded weapon you simply just want to fire at the head and get your critical kills. You will want to continue picking up the salvage that the zombies drop. This will be used to upgrade your armor and upgrade your weapons to higher rarities. Once you’ve collected enough points make your way back down and pack a punch your weapon to the second tier.

Just like before you will want to make your way back into the spawn room and continue getting critical kills on the zombies. You will now notice that when a megaton spawns you will be able to kill him and his clones with ease. The megaton and his clones are considered elite enemies there is also a challenge for eliminating them and this will help you out with that.

At some point in your game once you’ve saved up enough points I would recommend going and purchasing yourself to Deadshot Daiquiri perk. This perk will increase your chances of getting critical kills and if you upgrade it to the third tier it has tremendous benefits for this strategy.


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